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Quintessential “ representing the most perfect example of a quality or class”
Quintessential is more than just fruit water; IT’S A WAY OF LIFE!
Hi, My name is Marquita Smith. The founder & CEO Of Quintessential infused fruit water. 
Quintessential was established in May of 2020 while I was on my fitness journey to live a healthier lifestyle. On this Journey I wanted to find something healthy to drink without any added sugars or preservatives that would ultimately boost my immune system. Thats when Quintessential water was born! Quintessential water aka QH2O uses a pH of 8.5 or higher. alkaline water. This helped me to stay hydrated longer, and keep the natural fruit flavor of the water. 
My goal is to get people to drink more water and eat fruit without it being and boring, There is no added sugars and uses 100% natural fruit. Try Quintessential Infused Fruit Water! You’ll LOVE it here! #WhereTheWaterReside

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